Reputable suppliers and customers . Our company is growing since 2011. We are engaged in servicing , repairing equipment from Apple, as we have our own online store in which various groups of goods . We are interested in expanding the range of goods . We are interested in everything that is associated with these issues

What we are looking for :

– Machinery Apple,

– Components,

– Accessories,

– Spare parts , etc.

What we offer :

– Special prices for repairs, maintenance of machinery for Apple retail stores and online shops

– Wholesale of spare parts for iPhone, iPad,

– Wholesale Accessories protectors , cases , chargers , cables, etc.

We also have available to small wholesale and discount for regular customers. To purchase by melkooptovym prices enough to register in our system. To purchase at wholesale price from enough to buy 10 units .

We will consider any offers on cooperation. An obligatory condition is the provision catalogs , price lists . If your proposal is relevant and competitive, our representative will contact you.