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Replacing glass and touchscreen on iPad Air 2/iPad Pro 9.7/iPad Pro 10.5/iPad Pro 12.9/iPad mini 4 using factory technology

From the iPad mini 4 to the 2018 iPad Pro, Apple tablets have a glued touchscreen, glass and display in one single piece – the Display Module. The cost of replacing the display module is extremely high, and if only the glass or touchscreen is damaged, we propose to replace the broken part separately. The advantage of this replacement technology is that your original display remains, and only the glass and sensor will be replaced. Bonding with a new part is done using a vacuum laminator. Thanks to the latest advanced equipment, we can produce high-quality replacement of glasses and touchscreens not only on the iPhone, but also on the iPad with a diagonal of up to 12.9.

The display module is repaired for the following models

  • iPad mini 4
  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad Pro 9,7
  • iPad Pro 10.5
  • iPad Pro 12.9 first and second generation

The process of replacing glass on iPad Air 2


  1. disassembling the device
  2. cutting old broken glass with touchscreen
  3. cleaning the display itself from the remnants of old glue
  4. laminating new glass and touchscreen with OCA optical glue in a professional vacuum laminator
  5. lamination of the touchscreen with optical glue on the LCD itself
  6. removal of air residues between the touchscreen and the display
  7. installing the finished display module back on the iPad

Thus, you can save a decent amount of money on repairs by replacing the glass with a touchscreen separately. And also you will protect yourself from installing a low-quality Chinese display module.

Why is it worth contacting us for this service?

  • we are a direct supplier of glass and touchscreen replacement services for iPad in Kharkov and in Ukraine in general.
  • we have 5 years of experience as of 2019, repairing display modules on iPhone and iPad using factory OSA technology
  • we always have the newest and most advanced equipment that is constantly updated. And these are not just words, you can see confirmation of this in the photographs as well as in our videos.
  • we give a guarantee for work.
  • we have the lowest percentage of defects
  • We undertake, in the event of a marriage or damage to the display when cutting off the old broken glass and touchscreen, to install our own display module of a similar quality, taking only payment for replacing the glass with a touchscreen.
  • all risks are foreseen and the client does not risk anything.
  • we offer glass replacement not only to retail clients but also to service centers, workshops and just private craftsmen. Leave your application on link, and we will send you a partner price list.

Taking advantage of this offer, you get a high-quality service without any risks on your part, and also save a decent amount on repairing your device. You can see examples of the work performed in our instagram account – @apple_ixpert.

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