iPhone 14 Pro Max
First released: September 7, 2022
Out of production:
Title of workCostWarrantyTiming

Display replacement

New original

New original 18950 UAH

12 month

from 40 minutes *

Replacing the display glass

6890 UAH

3 month

from 6 hours*

Replacing the battery
Capacity – 4323 mAh

6450 UAH

6 month

20 minutes*

Rear glass replacement

3850 UAH

3 month

from 2 hours*

* – the timing of work can be adjusted from the workload of the masters.
You can clarify the exact time of the repair when contacting the Service Center.

To understand whether your smartphone needs to replace the battery, the following signs will help you:
  • Battery discharges quickly
  • The phone is randomly turned off during operation
  • Very slow charging speed
  • The gadget is getting too hot
  • During operation of the gadget at negative temperatures, the charge level drops sharply
  • Smartphone won’t turn on
  • What can happen with the iPhone 14 Pro Max:

  • does not charge or cannot be detected by the computer
  • Home or Power button not responding to clicks
  • Home or Power button is pressed but iPhone is not responding
  • the Home or Power button must be pressed firmly or multiple times for the iPhone to “respond”
  • distorted or no sound in headset/headphones
  • “Vibrate” switch clicks or moves freely, or is in extreme state
  • a very quiet sound, or no sound, or the sound is distorted and there are extraneous noises during a conversation
  • the camera shutter does not open, the camera application does not start, the phone restarts after opening the camera application
  • iPhone shuts down and restarts
  • iPhone has turned off and won’t turn on
  • the phone began to run out of power quickly or incorrectly display the battery charge level
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max got wet
  • the front glass is broken, the front glass is cracked
  • the back cover is bent, the glass on the back of the iPhone is cracked
  • the display on iPhone 14 Pro Max flickers or stops showing
  • the display is moving away from the metal frame or body
  • an error occurred while flashing an iPhone
  • display does not turn off when making a call
  • the phone is on activation or the iTunes and other icon is on the screen
  • If you have any questions related to the iPhone 14 Pro Max repair in Kharkov, then you can call any of the phones below or just come to our office. Also on our page you can find all the problems that may be associated with your gadget – iPhone 14 Pro Max repair in Kharkov

    Other questions that may arise during the operation of the device can be found from the list below:

  • iPhone 14 Pro Max glass replacement
  • replacing the iPhone 14 Pro Max display
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max bottom dock replacement/repair
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max speaker and microphone replacement
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max front and rear camera replacement
  • replacing the iPhone 14 Pro Max headphone jack
  • replacing the iPhone 14 Pro Max battery
  • restoring your phone after getting wet on iPhone 14 Pro Max
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max motherboard repair
  • attaching the iPhone 14 Pro Max display module frame
  • replacing the iPhone 14 Pro Max proximity sensor cable
  • flashing or flashing the phone
  • restoring your phone after being dropped or bumped and other iPhone 14 Pro Max
  • installing iPhone 14 Pro Max apps
  • Repair each device from Apple requires a separate approach to each device. Also, during operation, small questions arise on the use of some functions, and if such questions arise, then you can consult our managers at the phones below or by visiting our office at st. Sumskaya 82.

    Opening hours
    Mon – Sat: 10:00 – 19:00
    Sunday – closed
    Call-center contacts
    (093) 01-000-86
    (096) 01-000-86
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