iPad mini
First released: November 2, 2012
Out of production: October 22, 2013
Title of workCostWarrantyTiming

Replacement Touch Screen (touch glass)

1050 UAH

3 month

from 4 hours*

Replacing the matrix (display)

2150 UAH

3 month

from 4 hours*

Battery replacement

1250 UAH

6 month

from 5 hours*

Replacing the charging connector

650 UAH

1 month

from 5 hours*

Recovery after water ingress

600 UAH

from 2 days*

* – the timing of work can be adjusted from the workload of the masters.
You can clarify the exact time of the repair when contacting the Service Center.

All iPad mini repair services are listed below:

  • iPad mini Touch Screen replacement
  • replacing the iPad mini matrix
  • replacing the iPad mini battery
  • replacing the iPad mini charging connector
  • replacing the iPad mini headphone jack
  • iPad mini firmware or flashing
  • iPad mini crash or crash recovery
  • If you have any questions related to the repair of iPad mini in Kharkov, then you can call any of the phones below or just come to our office. Also on our page you can find all the problems that may be associated with your gadget – iPad mini repair Kharkiv.

    Opening hours
    Mon – Sat: 10:00 – 19:00
    Sunday – closed
    Call-center contacts
    (093) 01-000-86
    (096) 01-000-86
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